Blest Of - 2012

  1. Down From The Throne (Shot Home)
  2. Rest In Me (Winning The West)
  3. Disputation Waltz (Winning The West)
  4. You’ll Know Me (Full As The Skies) (Winning The West)
  5. The Other Side Of Me (Straight Gaits)
  6. Standing At The Crossroads (Shot Home)
  7. When Overtaken (Straight Gaits)
  8. Caught In The Middle (Straight Gaits)
  9. No Other Way (Straight Gaits)
  10. No Regrets (Shot Home)
  11. One Day We’ll Be Going (Straight Gaits)
  12. I’ve Got A Friend Named Jesus (Shot Home)
                     Shot Home (a Country Song Backwards) - Daniel Mcclenaghan