Winning The West - 1984

Track Listing

  1. You Always Call My Name
  2. Carnal Pleasures
  3. Bones Ain't Supernatural
  4. Disputation Waltz
  5. Invisible Walls
  6. Get Me On The Train With Jesus
  7. Are You Saved?
  8. Jesus
  9. Rest In Me
  10. You'll Know Me (Full As The Skies)

The Players

  • Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar: Daniel McClenaghan
  • Upright Bass: Bill Bryson
  • Lead and Rhythm Guitar: Steve Hill
  • Mandolin and High strung Guitar: Chris Hillman
  • Fiddle and Dobro: David Mansfield
  • Banjo: Don Gerber
  • Pedal Steel: Al Perkins
  • Piano: Joe "Licks" Bellamy
  • Background Vocals: Patty Schauer, Dan McCorison
                     Shot Home (a Country Song Backwards) - Daniel Mcclenaghan